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Sunday School Program Pricing

Select the number of students who will be using this program. We know attendance can fluctuate, so please estimate the average number of students you expect to have using this program.

Program: Digging Into the Life of Jesus

Plan: Sunday School

I want a license for use with ... students

Quarter Billing Amount Content Delivery Access Expires
Quarter One ... Immediately 1/1/2025
Quarter Two ... 1/1/2024 4/1/2025
Quarter Three ... 4/1/2024 7/1/2025
Quarter Four ... 7/1/2024 10/1/2025

All prices listed in US Dollars.

After purchasing, you can adjust the number of students for any upcoming quarter or cancel any time before your next billing period. Even if you cancel, you will retain access to any quarter purchased for 15 months from the date of payment.