Lesson 1: Genesis: God Creates Adam and Eve 04/19/2024
Classroom: My Classroom
Genesis 1–2:24 Leader Guide

Teachers Dig In


Dig In to the Bible

  • Read: Genesis 1–2:24
  • In This Passage: In just six days, God made everything in the world. He made a perfect place to live, and then he made his most special creation—humans. God made us in his image to rule over his creation. God created us for a reason. After he made everything, God rested.
  • Bible Point: God created us for a reason.
  • Summary Verse: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).


Dig Deeper

  • You’ll Be Teaching: God created us for a reason. Many kids are trying to figure out what their purpose is. They may feel they have to wait until they’re grown-ups to know why God created them. Use this lesson to help kids see that we can be in relationship with God at any age—and that’s our purpose!
  • Think About: What’s special about the way God made you? How have you used those special traits to serve God?


Dig In to Prayer

  • Pray for kids to feel valued and important as they learn why God made them.


Quick Tip

  • As you get to know your kids, look for the special traits God gave them. Encourage kids to use their strengths in class. For example, if you have kids who love to draw and create pictures, let them lead others in the craft. If you have kids who love to act, find times they can help you act out the story, instead of using an adult helper. If you have kids who excel in music, let them help lead the motions during the music video time. Most of all, let kids have fun worshipping God and finding out why he created them.

This Lesson at a Glance

Bible Message

Kids make visual and audio effects of creation and play Animal Charades.


  • Bible

Music Video

Kids sing songs of praise to God.


  • “Priceless Treasure” (watch or download here)
  • “Shine His Light” (watch or download here)
  • “Made for This” (watch or download here)

Jesus Connection

Kids make imprints to explore how they were made in the image of Jesus.


  • modeling dough


Kids ask God questions and listen for his answers.


Scripture Skills

Kids explore Ephesians 2:10 and discuss plans.


  • Bibles
  • “Hands-On Bible: Books of the Bible Poster Set” (purchase here)

Activity Pages With a Point

Older kids learn to draw animals; younger kids color and complete a picture of the Bible story.


  • “God Creates Adam and Eve Activity Page” (1 per reader) (download here)
  • “God Creates Adam and Eve Coloring Page” (1 per non-reader) (download here)
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • three-hole punch and binders (optional)

Bible Memory

Kids make artwork to depict Genesis 1:1.


  • paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • transparent tape

Easy Prep

  • Make a sample mobile, including a simpler version for preschoolers to copy.


Kids play a version of Fruit Basket Upset and share what they’re good at.



Kids receive a take-home page about the lesson.


  • this week’s “Dig In @ Home” handout (1 per child) (download here)

Easy Prep

  • Add your church announcements to the “Dig In @ Home” handout.

*Marked supplies can be reused from Core Bible Discovery

Let's keep kids safe! You can help by using supplies as instructed for only ages 3+, purchasing child-safe items, and being aware of allergy concerns.

Bible Message [10 min]

God Creates Adam and Eve (Genesis 1–2:24)


  • Bible


  • Showing kids a real Bible and reading part of the story directly from the Bible helps kids know this isn’t just a made-up story—it’s found in God’s Word!
  • Using “pair shares” where kids share with a partner ensures everyone gets a chance to answer the question—not just one or two kids.


Make the Effects

          Open your Bible to Genesis 1, and show kids the words.

          Say: Today we’re going to learn about how God made the world! At first when God made the earth, there wasn’t much to it. Close your eyes. Pause.

          But then God said, “Let there be light!” Open your eyes! Pause.

          God decided to make it light sometimes and call that day. Other times, it would be dark—and that’s night. When I say “day,” you’ll open your eyes. When I say “night,” you’ll close them. Ready?

          Night! Day! Night! Day! Night! Night! Day! Night! Day!

          Whew! We just went through a bunch of nights and days in a row. But God made night and day in just one day.

          On the second day, God made the sky by separating the waters of the earth and the water in the atmosphere. Hold your arm up and pretend you’re painting the sky. Pause.

          Then God made seas and plants. Let’s be trees and grow! Start out in a tiny ball, like a seed. Lead kids in growing from their “seed” position to stand up tall and extend their arms like branches. Then have kids sit back down.

          On the fourth day, God made the sun, moon, and stars. Make your fingers twinkle like stars. Lead kids in twinkling their fingers.

          On the fifth day, God made birds and fish. You get to decide whether to be a bird or a fish. When I count to three, you’ll either flap your arms and make bird sounds, or suck in your cheeks to make a fish face. One…two…three! Allow time. Then have kids settle back down.

          Wow! Our room is full of fish and birds. But the next day, God had even more animals to make. He made all the land animals. When I say “moo,” make an animal noise—any animal you’d like. One…two…three…moo! Pause.

          Whew! God needed to make someone to take care of all these animals. So God made people, named Adam and Eve. Point to someone near you and say, “God made you!” Pause.


Play Animal Charades

          Say: God created us for a reason. That means you! God made Adam and Eve with a purpose. Let’s read what he asked them to do.

          Read Genesis 1:28 and 2:15, 19.

          Adam and Eve had an important job: to take care of all the things God made! Adam even got to name the animals!

          Let’s name animals now. When I point to you, you’ll pretend to be an animal, and everyone else will call out that animal’s name. Point to several kids so they can act out animals of their choice, as time allows.



          Say: God told Adam and Eve to care for his creation. And God wants us to continue that purpose today!

          Ask: • How do you care for God’s creation today? Have kids turn to a partner to share. Then ask a few kids to share with everyone.

          Say: You don’t have to wait until you’re grown up and can get a job to have a purpose. God created us for a reason. That means he has a special purpose for you right now!

Music Video [10 min]

Priceless Treasure


  • “Priceless Treasure” (watch or download here)
  • “Shine His Light” (watch or download here)
  • “Made for This” (watch or download here)


  • Don’t have internet in your classroom? That’s okay! You can choose your own worship songs from our Best Of Dig In Music DVD here.


Sing Songs to God

          Sing the three songs in any order.

Jesus Connection [10 min]

In Jesus’ Image


  • modeling dough


  • Want to do more personal study on the presence of Jesus at Creation? Read John 1:1-5.


Explore Genesis 1:26

          Say: When God made most of his creation, he simply said, “Let there be light!” or “Let the earth produce every sort of animal!” And just like that, the world was created.

But when God made people, he said something very special. Let’s see what he said.

          Read Genesis 1:26.

          Say: Wow! We were made in God’s image! We’re the only thing God made in his own image.

          But there’s something else that’s pretty special about this verse. Let me read it again. Listen for the pronouns. Pronouns are words like I, you, he, she, we, or they.

          Read Genesis 1:26.

          Ask: • Why do you think God said “Let us make human beings in our image”? Who was he talking to?

          Say: Sometimes we think God made Jesus when Jesus was born as a baby. But did you know Jesus was always around? Jesus is God. So Jesus was there at Creation, helping make the world.

          And we were made in Jesus’ image! Pretty cool, huh?

          Let’s explore what it means to show the image of something.


Make Prints

          Distribute modeling dough. Have kids make fingerprints in the dough, then study and compare the dough prints to their actual fingerprints.

          Kids can also make other imprints of things such as buttons or engraved Bible covers, comparing the original with the imprint.

          Ask: • How did the dough imprints show the image of what they were made from?

          • Share some words that describe Jesus. How can you show those qualities to others? Examples might include loving, joyful, and kind.

          Say: Sometimes you might feel like you’re not good enough. Maybe you see other people who are better than you at school or sports. Or maybe other people seem more popular, or you have a hard time making friends.

          When you don’t feel all that special, just remember that you were made in the image of Jesus! God created us for a reason. And one reason is that you can show other people what Jesus is like! You can show people how kind, loving, and forgiving Jesus is…because you were made in his image!

Prayer [5 min]

Listen to God

Ask and Listen

          Say: Today we’re learning that God created us for a reason. Do you ever wonder what God’s reason was for making you? We’re going to take some time now to ask God and find out.

          When we pray, we’re having a conversation with God. Sometimes people spend most of their time talking to God. But just like when you have a conversation with a friend, you can talk and listen.

          Sometimes it can seem harder to hear God than to hear our friends. So let’s make sure we’re not distracted. Get into a position that feels comfortable to you. You shouldn’t be touching anyone else. Pause.

          Now close your eyes. If you think you’ll want to open them, turn and face away from people. That way nothing will distract you as you listen to God. Pause.

          Great! Now we’ll ask God two questions. After I say one question, I’ll pause. You can silently ask God that question and then listen for his answer.

          Here’s the first question: God, what’s something special about the way you made me? Allow a minute or two for kids to listen.

          God, what’s the reason you created me? Allow a minute or two for kids to listen.

          Ask: • If you heard from God, what’s something God brought to your mind?

          Say: It’s okay if you didn’t hear from God today. You can keep asking and listening to him throughout your week. The more we practice listening to God, the more we’ll hear him speak to us. And this is so important for you to remember: God created each of us for a reason!

Scripture Skills [10 min]

Plans for You


  • Bibles
  • “Hands-On Bible: Books of the Bible Poster Set” (purchase here)


  • It may take a while for kids to find the Bible verse. That’s okay! This activity is primarily about building Bible navigation skills.
  • It’s a great idea to have a stash of matching classroom Bibles, such as the Hands-On Bible. This will avoid confusion of different translations or storybook Bibles that don’t include every passage. Even so, avoid the temptation to just tell kids a page number—let kids practice finding verses.
  • If you have a lot of non-readers, have some picture Bibles on hand for them to flip through as older kids look up verses. They won’t look for anything specific, but they can look at the pictures to practice paging through Bibles.


Talk About Plans

          Say: Let’s take a minute to talk about plans.

          If you have a lot of kids, have kids form pairs or trios to discuss these questions. Then ask for a few kids to share with everyone after each question.

          Ask: • What are some plans you have for this week?

          • What are some plans you have for the next year?

          • What are some plans you have for when you grow up?

          Say: We make plans, but things don’t always work out the way we plan. Sometimes our plans change. By the time you grow up, maybe you’ll find something you’re even more interested in to do for a job. Maybe you’ll have a job that doesn’t exist yet!


Explore Ephesians 2:10

          Say: We’re learning that God created us for a reason. Maybe you’ve only been alive for 10 years. Maybe a little less, maybe a little more. You haven’t been making plans any longer than you’ve been alive. But God has been making plans for you! Let’s read a Bible verse about that.

          Make sure kids all have Bibles. Younger kids can sit with older kids so they can observe the skills of using their Bibles even before being able to read.

          Say: Our Bible verse is in the book of Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 10. Let’s find the book of Ephesians. That’s in the New Testament—which is the later part of the Bible. Open your Bible kind of near the back. Allow time.

  • Point to the book of Ephesians on the poster so kids can see the name and what books come before and after it.
  • Mention that the chapter numbers are the big numbers, and help kids find the big 2 in Ephesians.
  • Mention that the verse numbers are the small numbers, and help kids find the small 10 in Ephesians 2.
  • When everyone has found the verse, ask someone to read Ephesians 2:10 aloud.


          Say: Awesome job! This verse says that God planned out good things for you to do in advance. Before you were even born, God had a plan for you! God created us for a reason.

          Ask: • Think of someone you’ll see today. What’s something good you could do for that person today?

          Say: Now, keep an eye out for people God puts in your path this week. He might just have a plan for you to help those people! God created us for a reason.

Activity Pages With a Point [10 min]

Creating Animals


  • “God Creates Adam and Eve Activity Page” (1 per reader) (download here)
  • “God Creates Adam and Eve Coloring Page” (1 per non-reader) (download here)
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • three-hole punch and binders (optional)



Older Kids: Do an Activity Page

          Say: In our Bible story, God created all the animals! Today you’ll get to learn how to create animals…at least on paper.

          Distribute the activity pages and pencils. Let kids follow the step-by-step directions to draw various animals.

          After kids have drawn their animals, say: Now it’s time to get really creative. In the empty box, draw an animal that doesn’t really exist! Use your imagination and create your very own animal. Don’t forget to name it! Allow time.

          Ask: • Tell about the animal you made up. What did you think about as you decided what to draw?

          • How was making up an animal like the way God made you? How was it different?

          Say: God created us for a reason. You weren’t just random lines on a piece of paper; you’re a wonderful work of art!


Younger Kids: Color a Coloring Page

          Distribute the coloring pages and crayons. Say: Look at all the beautiful things God made! Except…some of the details are missing in our picture. Can you add in the missing legs, wings, faces, and other details?

          Allow time for kids to color their pages, adding missing details. Remember to let your young kids channel their inner Picassos…not Michelangelos. A tiger can have five green stick legs if that’s what kids would like to draw!

          When kids finish drawing, three-hole-punch their pages and put them into binders, if desired.

Bible Memory [10 min]

The Heavens and the Earth


  • paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • transparent tape

Easy Prep

  • Make a sample mobile, including a simpler version for preschoolers to copy.

Illustrate the Heavens and the Earth

          Say: Let’s learn a Bible verse that sums up what happened in today’s Bible story.

          The Bible is broken up into 66 books. Each book contains chapters and verses. This is the very first verse in the very first chapter in the very first book of the Bible!

          In Genesis 1:1, it says: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

          Let’s make artwork that will help us remember this verse.

          Have older kids make mobiles by cutting out a cloud shape and a circle decorated like the earth, then taping yarn so the cloud hangs over the earth. Younger kids can simply draw a picture of the world with a cloud above it.

          Say: Let’s all say our Bible verse together, pointing to our picture as we say it.

          Genesis 1:1:

          In the beginning

          God created the heavens (point to the cloud)

          And the earth. (point to the earth)


          Repeat several times.


Talk About It

          Ask: • What’s your favorite thing God made? Why?

          Say: God made so many wonderful things! He made [name some of the things kids shared]. But do you know what God’s most special creation was? People! People are the only thing God made that he called “very good.” God created us for a reason.

Overtime [10 min]

Spectacular Skills

Play a Version of Fruit Basket Upset

          Say: Let’s play a game! First, everyone needs to stand in a circle. Help kids stand in a wide circle.

          Now take off your shoes and place them neatly together. Then stand behind them. Allow time. You’ll also take off your shoes, but set them off to the side. Then you’ll stand in the middle of the circle.

          Say: Here’s how we’ll play this game. I’ll say something I’m good at. If you’re good at that, too, you have to leave your shoes and go find another pair to stand behind. I’ll also try to find a pair to stand behind. Whoever is left in the middle will be the next person to say what they’re good at.

          Remember, God created us for a reason. So all the things we’re good at are special ways God made us!

          Ready? I’m good at… Name something you’re good at.

          Let the game keep going as long as needed to fill time until parents begin to arrive. If kids need help thinking of things they’re good at, you might suggest skills (playing piano, dancing, hitting a baseball), subjects (math, history, reading), hobbies (playing video games, taking care of animals), or traits (showing kindness, cheering people up).

Take-Home [0 min]

Dig In @ Home


  • this week’s “Dig In @ Home” handout (1 per child) (download here)

Easy Prep

  • Add your church announcements to the “Dig In @ Home” handout.

            Distribute a copy of the “Dig In @ Home” handout to kids as they leave, or email it to parents during the week.